LOUISE Stockings 20 den - Black - Maat 3XL

Merk: Fiore Hosiery, bekijk ook andere Fiore Hosiery Vouwfietsen

€ 18,95

LOUISE Stockings 20 den - Black - 3XL - Dots are retro, but always edgy, period. When we transfer them to sensual stockings it is when the magic happens. Dressing this everyday pattern in the morning, you can take it off in the most unusual way in the evening.

The Fit:
S (2) fits like S/M
M (3) fits like M/L
L (4) fits like L/XL
XL (5) fits like XL/2XL
2XL (6) fits like 2XL/3XL
3XL (7) first like 3XL/4XL

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