Premium fietshoes – waterdicht winddicht – stormvast – duurzaam – hoes voor fiets Afmetingen van item (L x B x H) 177,8 x 76,2 x 111,8 centimeter

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Quality You Can Trust On - This outdoor bike storage is made of sturdy, waterproof material. This heavy-duty waterproof material provides constant protection for your bikes indoors, outdoors or while transporting your bike. *Not designed for use on car racks* EASY TO USE - Simply slide it over the bike and pull the base on the front and back on the cord. Additional safety with both front and rear locking holes and highly visible thanks to the reflective lines on both sides. Can be easily removed using the top handles Effective in All Weather Conditions - This rainproof bike cover waterproof for outdoor storage, anti-UV, PU-coated bike sail covers the entire bike body, including the wheels, to the ground. Protect your bike from the elements: sun, rain, wind, snow, ice, dust, dirt and hail Safe and Durable - Can be easily secured on all types of bicycles: mountain, road, etc. Easily cover the bikes from top to bottom, fasten the front and rear straps, and connect the central buckle for a snug fit. Resistant to storm and strong winds Afmetingen van item (L x B x H) 196x 76,2 x 111,8 centimeter



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